When money starts to matter


NuMoola is an intelligent family banking app that combines real money, gamification, and agification to help young families build lifelong positive money habits. 

Family Banking App

Family finance made easy.

NuMoola teaches kids (and their parents!) how to earn, save, spend, and give their Moola with engaging missions and financial literacy lessons.

Real Moola

Kids learn how to manage their money using their secure NuMoola Accounts and donate to charitable causes.

Real Missions

Parents set missions, teach accountability, and reward their kid’s successes, all with the tap of a button.

Real Motivation

With interactive lessons and games, today’s kids are given the tools needed to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

Kids can make their Moola grow.

Missions are fun and engaging for kids as they complete chores while learning the importance of hard work and being paid for that hard work.
Family Banking App
Family Banking App
Family Banking App

Inspire your entrepreneur to think big.

Future business owners of all ages can learn using our secure, age-appropriate tools and themes. NuMoola offers interactive lessons and entrepreneurial ”smart tips” that encourage kids at each phase of development to problem-solve with a true business mindset.
PreK – 2nd
3rd – 5th
6th – 8th
9th – 12th

Immerse your family in the digital world of finance.

Our interactive digital learning experience is tailored to each and every kid. NuMoola equips families with an intelligent tool that provides a framework to teach these skills at each child’s own pace and stage of development.
Educational Standards

Our interactive environment is anchored in nationally-recognized Learning Standards

FEAT® Score

Our Financial and Entrepreneurial Aptitude Temperature (FEAT) score gauges each kid’s learning pace


Our App is an evolving framework that ages at each kid’s specific pace.

Modern Technology
Amazon Alexa voice technology and augmented reality keeps kids engaged in their education

Are your kids earning their Moola?

Parents and Educators can have peace of mind that their kids and students are watching their money grow in a safe, secure app. Go to the Apple App Store and download NuMoola today on any iOS device!