NuMoola Has A Brand New Look That’s Ready For Blastoff!

Our upgrade is (almost) ready for blastoff!  NuMoola’s latest features and new look make learning about money management fun for the whole family. With technology changing the way families manage their finances, our App providesa tool that uses real money and real financial literacy missions to reinforce the fundamentals of personal finance.

NuMoola’s age-appropriate themes create tailored experiences for kids and the key adults in kids’ lives who can now easily assign missions and allocate allowances. The latest version features an exciting look for kids as well as a seamless interface for Parents and Guardians.

Money management has never been easier with NuMoola. With our new Transaction Register feature, families can see the ins and outs of the money flow from their bank accounts. Users can also instantly link their bank account information to their family’s NuMoola Account with our improved Instant Bank Account Verification.