NuMoola Partners With Junior Achievement Of Western PA

NuMoola, an educational, family-focused consumer banking financial technology platform, today announced it has partnered with Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania (“JAWPA”) to offer financial literacy content using the NuMoola App and Amazon Alexa. As part of this strategic partnership, NuMoola will be featured in JA BizTown®, a true-to-life simulation for students in grades four through six that recreates the day-to-day functions of thriving communities, allowing them the opportunity to experience how the ‘real world’ works.

Through a combination of child-focused tools and gamified financial education, NuMoola will engage the western Pennsylvania region’s youth and provide parents with a resource to foster their children’s understanding of core financial concepts. A key offering within NuMoola’s platform is the App’s recent integration with Amazon Alexa voice technology, which features interactive financial lessons and “Cosmic Challenge” comprehension activities.

“NuMoola is proud to partner with Junior Achievement’s Western Pennsylvania area office,” said James Haluszczak, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of NuMoola. “By making it fun for kids to learn about saving and investing, NuMoola and Junior Achievement promote these essential life skills from an early age.”

Like NuMoola, JA BizTown® enables kids to connect what financial concepts they’ve learned with the realities of saving, spending, and donating. By combining real money with modern, gamified education, NuMoola reinforces the financial literacy curriculum offered by Junior Achievement, which impacts nearly 70,000 students in western Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia alone.

With NuMoola, kids learn how to manage and save real money, donate to charitable causes, and game and learn to achieve their goals. In addition, NuMoola developed gamified education using Amazon Alexa voice technology to match each child’s unique learning pace through voice-enabled lessons.