NuMoola Shave And Save Fundraiser

Kids (and their parents!) need to plan for their financial futures. With COVID-19 impacting every community in every corner of the globe, Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania is bringing education to life for thousands of students in Grades K-12 with relevant, hands-on experiences in work readiness and financial literacy. Today’s kids must be prepared for tomorrow’s financial hurdles, and Junior Achievement needs your support to make this possible.

This is why NuMoola hosted the Save & Shave Fundraiser for Junior Achievement of Western PA. What is Save & Shave? As a partner of Junior Achievement, NuMoola uses real money and gamified education to teach kids how to save real money. We challenged individuals to “save” their ‘moola to support a fantastic organization! NuMoola’s very own CEO, James Haluszczak, volunteered to shave his beard for this wonderful cause.

We welcomed all who donated to cast their vote for the wackiest, zaniest, craziest beard design. In two short weeks, the NuMoola team raised a total of $3,610 to support this wonderful cause!