Edtech Startups Use Amazon Alexa To Improve Learning And Enhance Accessibility

NuMoola has announced Alexa skills to help facilitate student learning using voice. Working closely with Alexa in Education and AWS EdStart, NuMoola received hands-on support and guidance on best practices to help navigate their way through the development of their new Alexa skills. Using Alexa and AWS EdStart, NuMoola brings essential learning experiences to students at home through voice.

“Voice technology enables conversational learning and the exploration of a child’s imagination. Through voice interaction, children better retain critical information and visualize their own goals as they navigate personal finance,” said James Haluszczak, chief executive officer (CEO) and founder of NuMoola.

NuMoola is a family finance app that helps children build positive money habits and learn about entrepreneurship. NuMoola uses bank accounts, real missions, rewards, and gamified education to create lifetime savers by engaging students (using PK-12 age-appropriate educational content) to use the app as they grow into young adults.

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