Our Time At Pleasant Valley Elementary School With JAWPA

We had a “pleasant” time this past November volunteering at Pleasant Valley Elementary School in the Peters Township School District. Through our partnership with Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania (JAWPA), our colleagues joined the JAWPA team to introduce second and third-grade students to work readiness and financial literacy skills through the programs—JA Our Community® and JA Our City ®.

Our NuMoola team was specifically assigned to a third-grade class where we had the pleasure of introducing the students to our app! We were able to share about why it’s important to be financially literate and ways to earn, save, spend, and give! Together, we explored how people manage their money and the importance of economic exchange in a city. Students learned through interactive lessons, music videos, playing games, and so much more!

One of their favorite activities was working together in groups to create their own businesses. The students had specific jobs and carried out their roles to contribute to their business plan. We enjoyed seeing their creativity and loved inspiring future entrepreneurs! They also enjoyed learning about city zoning. Through pop-up paper buildings, they decorated and designed their very own classroom city.

Toni Schlieper, Head of Education at NuMoola, shared the following:

“Our NuMoola team had an amazing experience in the classroom. We enjoyed seeing their excitement as they learned about the importance of economic exchange in a city and how entrepreneurs promote a healthy economy. We are thankful for our partnership with JAWPA that gives us the opportunity to support financial literacy in our communities!”

It was a wonderful day at Pleasant Valley Elementary School! We had a great time working alongside those that are also passionate about promoting financial literacy. We are grateful for our partnership with JAWPA so that we can participate in impactful opportunities to educate youth. We look forward to being able to continue to teach children how to earn, spend, save, and give not only through our app but through other volunteer opportunities with the JAWPA team.