NuMoola At BizTown

NuMoola had the pleasure of volunteering at Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania’s BizTown, located in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. Several weeks of classroom learning culminated in a visit to this amazing facility. The BizTown simulation allows students to apply what they have learned in the classroom in such a unique and engaging way. Students have the opportunity to be adults, hold various jobs in the community, and run the entire town for the day. 

There were 80 excited, fourth-grade students from Claysville Elementary School that gathered to take part in this simulation. By working in the different storefronts that replicated real-life businesses in our area, students learned what it takes to run a successful business and the importance of their contribution to the town. They also got paid for their hard work, managed a checking account, and used a debit card to purchase items for sale throughout BizTown.  

The students that worked in the Ansys storefront loved exploring the diverse materials to design and construct a bridge. They worked diligently to pay off their business loan and said that when they grow up, they want to come back to work at BizTown! Their favorite part was being able to make choices on what to spend their money on throughout the town.  

Our NuMoola team had a great time volunteering! We look forward to more opportunities at BizTown to support financial literacy and entrepreneurialism.