chores for your kids

The Top 43 Types Of Chores For Your Kids

There are a lot of positive results that can come from assigning age-appropriate chores to your kids. Chores can help them feel more competent and responsible, experience relationship skills, and help the family work better together!

In addition, Chores, aka “Missions” in our app, help children learn skills they can use in their adult lives like preparing meals, cleaning, organizing, and forming healthy habits.

We’ve created an extensive list of 43 types of chores for kids and families! Read below and try to integrate these chores into your lives daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and seasonally.

Chores For The Family

Creating chores helps get your kids involved with caring for the family. So why not find chores that everyone can do together?! Play some of your favorite family-friendly music and start doing the following family chores together:

  • Cleaning the house 
  • Gardening 
  • Grocery shopping 
  • Cooking dinner 
  • Folding laundry 
  • Washing the car 

Individual Chores

As your kids start to get older, they might be able to start taking some chores on themselves. This will help them create routines and build a sense of responsibility for their belongings. Here are a few examples of chores kids can do on their own:

  • Washing their clothes 
  • Organizing personal space (desk, bedroom, car) 
  • Making their bed 
  • Cleaning their bathroom 
  • Picking up messes they created (food, toys, clothing) 

Everyday Chores

Yes, there are some chores that need to be done daily. As parents, sometimes we do this without even noticing we are doing it. Below are some chores to pass onto your kids (younger and older) that allow them to become extra helpers:

  • Straighten up bedrooms 
  • Taking out the trash and recycling 
  • Wiping down surfaces (kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.) 
  • Doing the dishes 
  • Sweeping the kitchen floor 
  • Vacuuming 
  • Feeding the pets 
  • Preparing and cooking meals 

Chores For Every Week

While there are some chores that need to be done every day, there are others that need done weekly. If you have more than one kid, we recommend rotating these chores so that everyone gets a turn to learn and to try something new:

  • Cleaning the bathroom (toilet, shower/bathtub, sink) 
  • Watering the plants 
  • Changing the bed sheets 
  • Doing the laundry 
  • Removing expired food from the fridge 
  • Mopping floors 
  • Dusting surfaces (kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.) 

Chores For Each Month

We’ve covered daily and weekly chores, let’s talk about what chores your family can do on a monthly basis. These chores are important but can take longer than typical daily and weekly chores. We recommend encouraging your older children to help with these items around the house once a month:

  • Washing fixtures and fittings (windows, doors, baseboards, ceiling fans/lights)  
  • Cleaning carpets 
  • Cleaning the oven 
  • Deep cleaning the fridge 
  • Washing windows 
  • Cleaning furniture 

Annual Chores

Some chores only need attention once a year. By spreading out the work throughout the year, you\’ll keep your home looking good, keep your family healthy from unwanted diseases, and have more free time. Here are some annual chores for kids and the family:

  • Cleaning out cupboards and drawers 
  • Remove unnecessary items from closets 
  • Organizing the garage, basement, and attic 
  • Wash curtains, drapes, and shades 
  • Clean linen, coat, craft closets 

Chores Based on Seasons 

We’ve all heard about “Spring cleaning”, but it’s important to clean your house during all seasons! Here are seasonal chores you can teach your kids:

  • Clearing the gutters 
  • Wiping down the outside of windows 
  • Raking leaves 
  • Shoveling snow (driveway and sidewalk) 
  • Storing away summer furniture 
  • Winterize the pool 

Make It Easy To Keep Track Of Chores With NuMoola

NuMoola can make it easy for families to keep track of everyone’s chores! Parents and guardians can effortlessly assign their kids Missions, keep track of when things get accomplished, and pay their kids for getting their chores done on time. 

NuMoola can also make chore time fun! In the Parent Account, you can assign three different types of Missions: Assigned, Collaborative, and Competitive Missions. For assigned Missions, you can assign a specific Mission to one or more of your kids. With Collaborative Missions, all of the kids in the family work together to complete a specific Mission. Finally, with Competitive Missions, all kids in the family network can be selected to complete a Mission. You can provide a monetary incentive to the kid who finishes the task first after the Mission is approved by a parent. 

Overall, NuMoola’s goal is to help kids build better money habits and become financially literate, not just give them a debit card. Download the app today to get started!