financial literacy

Your kids can now learn while they earn.

Simply link your bank account to NuMoola’s secure, FDIC-insured savings account. Watch your kids gain real-world financial literacy experience with budgeting, spending, donating, and investing.

How NuMoola Works

Parents can contribute to kids’ savings by setting missions, tracking progress, and rewarding successes. True financial literacy comprehension takes place as kids apply the skills they’ve learned with the secure NuMoola app.

Parents & Guardians

Download the NuMoola app to begin teaching your kids valuable lessons about Mission management, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship.


Kids login to their parent-guided NuMoola Account to complete parent-assigned Missions, watch their earnings grow, and achieve their individual Goals.

More Moola

Families learn together about money management and accountability, with reinforced learnings from financial literacy lessons and tips.

Moola is easy to grow, easy to track.

NuMoola’s Account ledger and analytics make it exciting for kids to learn about money management with guidance and oversight from the key adults in their life. Simply contribute to your kid’s NuMoola Account and watch their savings grow!
  • Savings 70% 70%
  • Spending 20% 20%
  • Giving 10% 10%

Moola Allocation







Kids securely earn real money.

Using our FDIC-insured savings account, Parents will have peace of mind that their kids are watching their money grow and working to achieve their Missions in a safe and secure finance app.

On the NuMoola app, Parents connect your external bank to your family’s NuMoola Account.

Add Moola to your family’s NuMoola Account and have total control to manage money movement within your family.

Easily and electronically pay your kids’ allowance, send a reward for completing a Mission, or recognize when a new Goal is accomplished.

financial literacy

Financial Literacy is all about fun.

It’s not just about earning Moola! NuMoola has partnered with Amazon Alexa to offer exciting educational games focused on all aspects of personal finance and entrepreneurism.
From Cosmic Challenges to NuMoola Smart Star Tips of the Week, NuMoola works with Alexa to enable your learner to use tools that best match their financial literacy learning preferences.