For Kids

NuMoola is an app that grows and matures with a family. We put real money and financial education front and center in the app while making an age-appropriate, fun, and personalized banking experience. 

NuMoola Debit Card

Debit Cards

We encourage kids to go to the app to learn and earn! Upon completing Missions, kids can spend the money they earn while they learn. 

Saving & Spending Goals

With parental guidance, kids create Goals and budget to reach their Goals. Whether your kid wants a new bike, video game, donate to a charity, or a new furry friend, NuMoola can help your kid get there!

Spending Goals


Our finance-savvy NuMoola team works to pull age-appropriate content that will be presented to kids on the NuMoola Newsfeed. This content ranges from pictures to videos to audio clips – anything to keep the kids engaged and learning in a fun way. 


NuMoola systematically matures within the app so that all kids in a young family can participate at an age-appropriate level of family banking.

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Gamified Education

Gamified Education

Partnered with the power of AI-based learning, we’ve designed NuMoola to have age-appropriate, gamified education based on all aspects of financial topics. 

FEAT Score®

Coming soon, through the data intelligence web-portal, we offer parents a view into our proprietary performance scoring mechanism called the FEAT Score®. The Financial and Entrepreneurial Aptitude Temperature Score is an AI platform that will adapt based on kid's proficiency, age, and behaviors while giving anonymous feedback relative to their peers.

NuMoola FEAT Score
Charitable Donation

Charitable Contributions

NuMoola encourages kids to set money aside and give to a charity of their choice! 

Amazon Alexa Skill

Our integration with Amazon Alexa brings a hands-free, immersive, and interactive educational experience.

amazon alexa

Are you NuMoola'ing with your family?

Parents and guardians can have peace of mind that their kids and students are watching their money grow in a safe, secure app. Go to the Apple App Store and download NuMoola today!