Partner With NuMoola To Prepare Families For A Better Financial Future

Society is looking in all the wrong locations and addressing the need for financial literacy too late in life to make a strong impact. This long, intertwined story between money and financial literacy has been the same for centuries. That’s where partners step in!

Community Banks (1)

Community Banks & Credit Unions

Build life-time banking customers!

48% of young adults have opened an account with a new financial provider due to a lack of technology and a frustrating digital banking experience.

88% of financial institutions believe that part of their business will be lost to stand-alone FinTech companies in the next five years.

The NuMoola platform is a white-labeled, off-the-shelf, mobile app. Our modular technology supports banks and credit unions by integrating directly into their existing technical infrastructure, and branding, to offer services to their young family customers. We turn young people into lifetime banking customers.

Your firm can earn Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) credits using NuMoola’s Youth Financial Education-focused development capabilities. Partner with NuMoola now!

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups & Non-Profit Organizations can build upon their efforts for promoting positive money habits with NuMoola. When Non-Profits partner with NuMoola, young families gain access to digital content that provides immersive, tech-enabled learning techniques. NuMoola teaches children about the importance of savings and wealth-building by using real bank accounts, mission management, and gamified education.

We are proud to currently partner with Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania and Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank. Make a bigger impact now by learning more about how we can partner together!

Affinity Groups


Your school can partner with NuMoola to promote core money management concepts to kids using immersive, tech-enabled learning techniques. Together we can change the future for kids financially by teaching them the stuff we wish we were taught in school. Contact us today to learn more information about partnering with us!

Sports Teams

Sports and financial education go hand-in-hand! Partnering with NuMoola helps sports teams with their efforts of reinforcing valuable life lessons by supporting financial wellness. With NuMoola, young athletes and fans gain access to financial literacy tools and resources that engage teams, their parents, and the broader community. Together we can work on and off the field to ensure families are equipped for a better financial future!

Want to join our team? Learn more about the benefits of our Sports Team partnerships!

Sports Banking
White-label NuMoola

Add Your Brand To The NuMoola App

Our banking app is your organization’s product, experience, and brand fully managed by NuMoola.


If you partner with NuMoola, our team of developers can white-label the NuMoola mobile app and feature your organization’s branding for your members and customers!


In addition, your affiliates will receive discounted access to the NuMoola mobile app as well as to our age-appropriate, gamified educational content. Partner with NuMoola today!

Are you NuMoola'ing with your family?

Parents and guardians can have peace of mind that their kids and students are watching their money grow in a safe, secure app. Go to the Apple App Store and download NuMoola today!